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Anonymous said: So I need advice. I met a girl on OkCupid we hit it off right away, we started texting. She asked me out but then failed to follow through on the day & I texted her that morning, she said she'd figure it out, then I heard nothing all day. When I decided at around ten it wasn't going to happen I said something & to be honest got upset. She was drunk or her friends were I really don't know, But ever since she doesn't text me or snap back... Did I blow it? She says she's busy but I don't know... :/

I think you should let go and forget about her. She sounds flaky and you deserve to date someone that is really into it! Don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea :)

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Anonymous said: any advice on "coming out" to conservative parents? I'm very close with my family and I want them to know about big parts of my life and things I'm passionate about. i'm a bisexual female that has recently been leaning more toward other women. I'm pretty sure my parents would still love me, but there have also been lots and LOTS of times when they have made jokes or comments that are extremely homophobic.

Hey there! I think that sometimes parents will act differently once they know. Ignorance can make people say things they do not mean. My advice to you, drop some hints here and there and eventually tell them, as if it is no big deal. if you don’t make a big deal of it, it is more likely that they wont. Sometimes it takes some time for them to adjust but give them their time. Good luck! xoxo

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Hi beautiful people!! I am starting to write a book….It’s about a boy who is scared to show himself to his parents and his friends. He struggles with his appearance and his sexuality until he meets a boy who changes the way he sees things. Here is a little quote from what I have so far. I hope you enjoy it.


"Although I may constantly be acting and hiding who I am, I’m strong enough to filter those emotions until I’m alone. Once I’m alone I can let it all out. I have many ways of dealing with my unhappiness. Unfortunately none of them are healthy, and I know that. But, they work! And that’s all that I hope for."

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Midweek inspiration ♥